Rules Quenza

13u Open Internaziunale di Quenza

Article 1 : The« Ligue Corse des Echecs » (Corsican League) organizes the 13u Open Internaziunale di Quenza, Sunday July 7rd 2024.

This open tournament is F.I.D.E. rated for blitz

Article 2 : FIDE laws of chess are applied (2024 version)

Computerized pairings (French software PAPI), according Swiss System Elo used for the pairings is the one from July 2024

Online pairings are just an indication, the official pairings are displayed at the playing venue, 5 min. before the games

Article 3 : Playing venue is “place du village” de Quenza.

Article 4 : The tournament is 9 games of 5 min. + 3s.

Article 5 : No draw by mutual agreement

Article 6 : Schedules

Game 1 : 11h15 Price ceremony 17h

Article 7 : Registration fee

Free inscription

To be confirmed in situ before 11h or online before July 6d 2023. First game pairings are published at 11h10

Répartition des prix : see annex 1

Article 8 : Tie-Break

  1. Buchholz minus 2
  2. Buccholz
  3. Performance

Article 9 :

  • Phones must be switched off
  • Any improper behavior, including outside the playing hall may be penalized
  • Correct dress code is required at the venue
  • A forfeited player (not having informed the chief arbiter) is considered to have abandoned the tournament
  • Reporting of unjustified withdrawals to the FFE for French nationals and to the federation concerned for foreigners.
  • No bye are allowed

Article 10 :

Chief Arbiter: Vilaisarn Akhavanh

Arbitrers: Escafre Stephane, Orsoni Jean-Philippe, Gerandi Guillaume Humeau Cyril and Deladerriere Thibault. Any other person designated by the chief arbiter to assist him from time to time

Article 11 :

All participants agree to abide by these Internal Rules.